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M & B Estimating Services is a construction consultant performing pre-construction services with an emphasis on detailed lumber takeoff, plan takeoff and earthwork takeoff.

We have listed below the primary services we have provided for our clients.  However, if there is anything that you need done which we have not listed below, please let us know.  We can likely provide that service to you.  We are here to assist your company. 

Detailed Plan Take-off - We can provide a detailed take-off of items on the plans to your specification, and for your use in preparing budgets, bid documents and quantifying your bids.  We can also prepare detailed and color enhanced plans so you can see the quantities and locations of those items that have been itemized in our take-off.  You can see examples of digitized plans here.

Lumber Take-off – We can provide a detailed take-off of the lumber for your use in bidding and buying the lumber materials from your suppliers, along with a sheet for tracking lumber at the job site.  We can also provide color enhanced plans from our digitization of the plans .  You can see examples of digitized lumber plans here.

Earthwork Take-off – We can provide a detailed take-off of the earthwork, cuts and fills, on your engineered grading plan.  Knowing the quantities and seeing where any major cuts and/or fills occur can assist in achieving a "balanced" site, as well as identifying any potential drainage issues.  We provide cuts and fills in Excel format along with color enhanced screen shots showing the cut and fill locations.  Wouldn't it be beneficial to know the earthwork quantities when negotiating with the grading contractor?  You can see examples of digitized grading plans here.

Pre-construction Services – As part of your pre-construction team, we can monitor the design process and coordinate the design “flow” so that all consultants are working toward the same goal..  During the pre-construction phase we can prepare detailed cost estimates throughout the design phase to the completion of the final construction documents.  These costs estimates can be used to ensure the final design can be built within the targeted budget, allowing for the project to be financed and built within that budget.  

Plan Review and Value Engineering – We can provide a sheet by sheet plan review of your plans  to ensure that there is sufficient detail for your project to be built accurately and cost efficiently.  A detailed checklist is provided of the items reviewed on each page of the plans.  In addition we can review the plans for value engineering ideas that you can consider for cost savings.  We specifically look for cost saving ideas that will not detract from or change the design or final look of the project.  Anyone can tell a client they can save money by “getting rid of the tile shower”.  We look for the items that save money, while allowing you to keep the tile shower as designed.  We can assign an estimated cost to each value engineered item so the decision on changing that item is easier to make. 

Digitized Building Floor Plan - Unit, Balcony and Breezeway Decking


Digitized Building Roof Plan

 General Estimating & Bidding We can assist any trade, builder or general contractor with their construction estimates and bidding of any type or size of project.  We can research the local markets for the best qualified subcontractors, and solicit competitive bids.  If the project is in New Mexico, we likely know and have relationships with the subcontractors and vendors required to build a quality and cost effective project.  We can literally be your estimating and bidding department, taking full charge of the estimates and bids while you focus on other aspects of your company business and pursue new opportunities.        



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